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SIGSTACK(2)									      SIGSTACK(2)

       sigstack - set and/or get signal stack context

       #include <signal.h>

       struct sigstack {
       caddr_t	 ss_sp;
       int  ss_onstack;

       sigstack(ss, oss);
       struct sigstack *ss, *oss;

       Sigstack  allows  users to define an alternate stack on which signals are to be processed.
       If ss is non-zero, it specifies a signal stack on which to deliver signals and  tells  the
       system  if the process is currently executing on that stack.  When a signal's action indi-
       cates its handler should execute on the signal stack (specified with  a	sigvec(2)  call),
       the  system  checks  to	see  if the process is currently executing on that stack.  If the
       process is not currently executing on the signal stack, the system arranges  a  switch  to
       the  signal stack for the duration of the signal handler's execution.  If oss is non-zero,
       the current signal stack state is returned.

       Signal stacks are not ``grown'' automatically, as is done for the normal  stack.   If  the
       stack overflows unpredictable results may occur.

       Upon  successful  completion,  a  value	of  0  is  returned.  Otherwise, a value of -1 is
       returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

       Sigstack will fail and the signal stack context will remain unchanged if one of	the  fol-
       lowing occurs.

       [EFAULT]       Either  ss  or oss points to memory that is not a valid part of the process
		      address space.

       sigvec(2), setjmp(3)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		  June 30, 1985 			      SIGSTACK(2)
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