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PROFIL(2)										PROFIL(2)

       profil - execution time profile

       profil(buff, bufsiz, offset, scale)
       char *buff;
       int bufsiz, offset, scale;

       Buff  points  to  an  area of core whose length (in bytes) is given by bufsiz.  After this
       call, the user's program counter (pc) is examined each clock  tick  (VAX  and  TAHOE:  100
       ticks/second  =	10  milliseconds  per tick; 60 ticks/second ~= 16 milliseconds per tick);
       offset is subtracted from it, and the result multiplied by scale.  If the resulting number
       corresponds to a word inside buff, that word is incremented.

       The  scale  is  interpreted as an unsigned, fixed-point fraction with 16 bits of fraction:
       0xffff gives a 1-1 mapping of pc's to words in buff; 0x7fff maps each pair of  instruction
       words together.

       Profiling is turned off by giving a scale of 0 or 1.  It is rendered ineffective by giving
       a bufsiz of 0.  Profiling is turned off when an execve is  executed,  but  remains  on  in
       child  and  parent  both after a fork.  Profiling is turned off if an update in buff would
       cause a memory fault.

       A 0, indicating success, is always returned.

       gprof(1), prof(1), setitimer(2), monitor(3)

3rd Berkeley Distribution		   May 6, 1987					PROFIL(2)
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