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GETHOSTID(2)									     GETHOSTID(2)

       gethostid, sethostid - get/set unique identifier of current host

       hostid = gethostid()
       long hostid;

       long hostid;

       Sethostid establishes a 32-bit identifier for the current processor that is intended to be
       unique among all UNIX systems in existence.  This is normally a DARPA Internet address for
       the  local machine.  This call is allowed only to the super-user and is normally performed
       at boot time.

       Gethostid returns the 32-bit identifier for the current processor.

       hostid(1), gethostname(2)

       32 bits for the identifier is too small.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		November 28, 1985			     GETHOSTID(2)
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