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FPERR(2)										 FPERR(2)

       fperr - get floating-point error registers (2BSD)

       #include <pdp/fperr.h>

       struct fperr
	    short     f_fec;
	    caddr_t   f_fea;

       struct fperr *fpe;

       Fperr  returns the contents of the floating-point processor's error registers as they were
       following the last floating exception generated by the calling process.	The registers are
       stored in the structure pointed to by fpe.

       This  call  is required because the error registers in the PDP-11 floating-point processor
       are read-only.  Thus, they may be changed by some other process between the time that  the
       current	process  generates an exception and the time that it reads the registers.  There-
       fore, the system saves their state at the time of an exception.

       The values returned are valid only after a floating-point exception.

       [EINVAL]       The kernel has not been compiled for a processor with floating point.

       Ed Gould, Jim Reeds, Vance Vaughan, UNIX Problems with Floating Point Processors

       Fperr is unique to the PDP-11 and 2BSD; its use is discouraged.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 January 22, 1987				 FPERR(2)
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