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FETCHI(2)										FETCHI(2)

       fetchi - fetch from user instruction space (2BSD)

       int *addr;

       Fetchi  fetches the word at addr from the caller's instruction space.  This system call is
       required on PDP-11's with separate instruction and data spaces because the  mfpi  instruc-
       tion  reads  from D-space if the current and previous modes in the program status word are
       both user.

       Upon successful completion the contents of the caller's	instruction  space  at	addr  are
       returned.  Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned.

       [EINVAL]       The kernel has not been compiled for a processor with separate I/D.

       [EFAULT]       Addr points to an address not in the process's allocated instruction space.

       The  error  indication,	-1, is a legitimate function value; errno, (see intro(2)), can be
       used to disambiguate.

       Fetchi is a kludge and exists only to circumvent an alleged security feature on	some  DEC
       PDP-11 processors.

       Fetchi is unique to the PDP-11 and 2BSD; its use is discouraged.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 January 22, 1987				FETCHI(2)
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