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writelog(1) [bsd man page]

writelog(1)							  Writelog Manual						       writelog(1)

       writelog - Logfile writing daemon for gatling

       writelog LOGFILE CMDLINE

       Writelog is a daemon that writes the logfile of gatling. Gatling only writes to stdout, so writelog enables logrotation of this data stream
       by providing a handler of SIGUSR1 for closing and reopening the specified logfile.

       The following signals are handled by writelog:

	      SIGTERM Terminates writelog and its child (gatling).

	      SIGUSR1 Causes writelog to reopen the logfile. Useful for logrotation.

	      SIGHUP Delegates SIGHUP to gatling.

       writelog /var/log/gatling.log tlsgatling -e -v -D -S -F -U -u nobody

       Roland Stigge <>

Version 1							  14 August 2011						       writelog(1)
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