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writelog(1) [bsd man page]

writelog(1)							  Writelog Manual						       writelog(1)

       writelog - Logfile writing daemon for gatling

       writelog LOGFILE CMDLINE

       Writelog is a daemon that writes the logfile of gatling. Gatling only writes to stdout, so writelog enables logrotation of this data stream
       by providing a handler of SIGUSR1 for closing and reopening the specified logfile.

       The following signals are handled by writelog:

	      SIGTERM Terminates writelog and its child (gatling).

	      SIGUSR1 Causes writelog to reopen the logfile. Useful for logrotation.

	      SIGHUP Delegates SIGHUP to gatling.

       writelog /var/log/gatling.log tlsgatling -e -v -D -S -F -U -u nobody

       Roland Stigge <>

Version 1							  14 August 2011						       writelog(1)

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WRITELOG(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       WRITELOG(8)

writelog - add a entry to an INN log file. SYNOPSIS
writelog name text... DESCRIPTION
The writelog script is used to write a log entry or send it as mail. The name parameter specifies the name of the log file where the entry should be written. If it is the word ``mail'' then the entry is mailed to the news administrator, <USER specified with --with-news-mas- ter at configure>. The data that is written or sent consists of the text given on the command line, followed by standard input indented by four spaces. Shlock(1) is used to avoid simultaneous updates to a single log file. HISTORY
Written by Landon Curt Noll <> and Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews. This is revision 1.4, dated 1998/12/09. SEE ALSO
innd(8), innstat(8), news.daily(8), newslog(5), nnrpd(8), scanlogs(8). WRITELOG(8)
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