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WHOIS(1)										 WHOIS(1)

       whois - DARPA Internet user name directory service

       whois name

       whois help
	      Produces a helpful message similar to the following:

       Please enter a name or a handle (``ident"), such as ``Smith" or ``SRI-NIC".  Starting with
       a period forces a name-only search; starting with exclamation  point  forces  handle-only.
	    Smith		[looks for name or handle SMITH    ]
	    !SRI-NIC		[looks for handle SRI-NIC only	   ]
	    .Smith, John	[looks for name JOHN SMITH only    ]
       Adding  ``..."  to  the	argument  will match anything from that point, e.g. ``ZU..." will
       match ZUL, ZUM, etc.

       To have the ENTIRE membership list of a group or organization, if you are asking  about	a
       group  or org, shown with the record, use an asterisk character `*' directly preceding the
       given argument.	[CAUTION: If there are a lot of members this will take a long time!]  You
       may of course use exclamation point and asterisk, or a period and asterisk together.

       RFC 812:  Nicname/Whois

4.3 Berkeley Distribution		   June 6, 1985 				 WHOIS(1)
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