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vmsprep(1) [bsd man page]


vmsprep - VMS tape preperation aid SYNOPSIS
vmsprep [-] [name ...] DESCRIPTION
Vmsprep traverses hierarchies of files and prepares them for transportation to VMS. Since ANSI stardard tapes (the VMS standard) do not allow hierarchy, this program provides a method of flattening the hierarchy onto a tape in such a way that it can be unpacked on VMS to recreate the same tree structure. For reasons best not described here, vmsprep will attempt to exclude all RCS and SCCS archives by ignoring all files or directories named 'RCS' or 'SCCS', or files starting with 's.' or ending in ',v'. The output of vmsprep is a pair of files vmsprep.namelist and UNPACK.COM. vmsprep.namelist is a list of files to be placed on the tape in the format required by ansitape. If the first argument is '-' instead of a file or directory name, vmsprep will instead send the namelist to standard output, and place UNPACK.COM in /tmp to avoid attempting to write in the current directory. All of the files except UNPACK.COM will be placed on the tape under cryptic names. UNPACK.COM is a VMS command script which will recreate all of the necessary directories and then move the cryptically named files to their proper place. A typical sequence would be: vmsprep - tree1 tree2 file | ansitape cln trees - Then on a VMS machine mount MFA0: trees copy MFA0:*.*.* * @UNPACK FILES
A warning is reported if a file or directory name contains a character not permitted in VMS names. The offending character is replaced by 'Z' and vmsprep continues. SEE ALSO
ansitape(l) BUGS
Extra periods in file names may not be dealt with optimally. All files and directories to be moved must be descendants of the current working directory. Absolute path names and paths containing ".." will produce unpredictable results. Since vmsprep uses find(1) internally, it does not follow symbolic links. The exclusion of RCS and SCCS files should be controlled by a command line flag. Assumes VMS v4.0 or greater for long file names. 4/10/85 UCB Local VMSPREP(LOCAL)

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DNDEL(1)						      General Commands Manual							  DNDEL(1)

dndel - Delete a file on a VMS system SYNOPSIS
dndel [options] file-name Options: [-ivVh] DESCRIPTION
dndel deletes files held on VMS systems. The filename parameter may specify a single file or a wildcard (remember to use VMS wildcards). If you specify -i or -v then dndel will open two connections to the VMS machine (much as VMS itself does). Otherwise it will attempt to use a single connection. One side-effect of this is that the deletion process will fail at the first file that cannot be deleted. OPTIONS
-i Interactive. Prompt before deleting a file. -v Verbose. Print the names of files that have been deleted -T connect timeout Specifies the maximum amount of time the command will wait to establish a connection with the remote node. a 0 here will cause it to wait forever. The default is 60 seconds -h -? Displays help for using the command. -V Show the version of the tools package that dndel comes from. EXAMPLES
dndel -i 'myvax::oldfile;*' dndel 'tramp"christine pjc123"::interactive' SEE ALSO
dntype(1), dndir(1), dncopy(1), dntask(1) ,dnsubmit(1), dnprint(1) DECnet utilities October 2 1998 DNDEL(1)

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