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TK(1)											    TK(1)

       tk - paginator for the Tektronix 4014

       tk [ -t ] [ -N ] [ -pL ] [ file ]

       The  output  of tk is intended for a Tektronix 4014 terminal.  Tk arranges for 66 lines to
       fit on the screen, divides the screen into N columns, and contributes an eight space  page
       offset  in  the	(default) single-column case.  Tabs, spaces, and backspaces are collected
       and plotted when necessary.  Teletype Model 37 half- and reverse-line sequences are inter-
       preted  and plotted.  At the end of each page tk waits for a newline (empty line) from the
       keyboard before continuing on to the next page.	In this wait state, the command  !command
       will send the command to the shell.

       The command line options are:

       -t     Don't wait between pages; for directing output into a file.

       -N     Divide the screen into N columns and wait after the last column.

       -pL    Set page length to L lines.


7th Edition				  April 29, 1985				    TK(1)
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