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TAIL(1) 										  TAIL(1)

       tail - deliver the last part of a file

       tail _number[___][__] [ file ]

       Tail  copies the named file to the standard output beginning at a designated place.  If no
       file is named, the standard input is used.

       Copying begins at distance +number from the beginning, or -number  from	the  end  of  the
       input.	Number	is  counted  in  units	of  lines, blocks or characters, according to the
       appended option l, b or c.  When no units are specified, counting is by lines.

       Specifying r causes tail to print lines from the end of the file in  reverse  order.   The
       default	for r is to print the entire file this way.  Specifying f causes tail to not quit
       at end of file, but rather wait and try to read repeatedly in hopes  that  the  file  will


       Tails  relative	to the end of the file are treasured up in a buffer, and thus are limited
       in length.

       Various kinds of anomalous behavior may happen with character special files.

4th Berkeley Distribution		  March 6, 1986 				  TAIL(1)
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