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STRIP(1)						      General Commands Manual							  STRIP(1)

strip - remove symbols and relocation bits SYNOPSIS
strip name ... DESCRIPTION
Strip removes the symbol table and relocation bits ordinarily attached to the output of the assembler and loader. This is useful to save space after a program has been debugged. The effect of strip is the same as use of the -s option of ld. FILES
/tmp/stm? temporary file SEE ALSO
ld(1) 7th Edition April 29, 1985 STRIP(1)

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STRIP(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						  STRIP(1)

strip -- discard information from ELF objects SYNOPSIS
strip [-d | -g | -S | --strip-debug] [-h | --help] [--only-keep-debug] [-o outputfile | --output-file=outputfile] [-p | --preserve-dates] [-s | --strip-all] [--strip-unneeded] [-w | --wildcard] [-x | --discard-all] [-I format | --input-target=format] [-K symbol | --keep-symbol=symbol] [-N symbol | --strip-symbol=symbol] [-O format | --output-target=format] [-R sectionname | --remove-section=sectionname] [-V | --version] [-X | --discard-locals] file ... DESCRIPTION
The strip utility is used to discard information from ELF objects. The strip utility supports the following options: -d | -g | -S | --strip-debug Remove debugging symbols only. -h | --help Print a help message and exit. --only-keep-debug Remove all content except that which would be used for debugging. -o outputfile | --output-file=outputfile Write the stripped object to file outputfile. The default behaviour is to modify objects in place. -p | --preserve-dates Preserve the object's access and modification times. -s | --strip-all Remove all symbols. --strip-unneeded Remove all symbols not needed for further relocation processing. -w | --wildcard Use shell-style patterns to name symbols. The following meta-characters are recognized in patterns: ! If this is the first character of the pattern, invert the sense of the pattern match. * Matches any string of characters in a symbol name. ? Matches zero or one character in a symbol name. [ Mark the start of a character class. Remove the special meaning of the next character in the pattern. ] Mark the end of a character class. -x | --discard-all Discard all non-global symbols. -I format | --input-target=format These options are accepted, but are ignored. -K symbol | --keep-symbol=symbol Keep the symbol symbol even if it would otherwise be stripped. This option may be specified multiple times. -N symbol | --strip-symbol=symbol Remove the symbol symbol even if it would otherwise have been kept. This option may be specified multiple times. -O format | --output-target=format Set the output file format to format. For the full list of supported formats, please see the documentation for function elftc_bfd_find_target(3). -R sectionname | --remove-section=sectionname Remove the section named by the argument sectionname. This option may be specified multiple times. -V | --version Print a version identifier and exit. -X | --discard-locals Remove compiler-generated local symbols. DIAGNOSTICS
The strip utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
ar(1), elfcopy(1), ld(1), mcs(1), elf(3), elftc_bfd_find_target(3), fnmatch(3) BSD
September 17, 2011 BSD
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