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SHORTC(1)						      General Commands Manual							 SHORTC(1)

shortc - generate short preprocessor definitions for long C identifiers SYNOPSIS
shortc [ -symlen ] [ -p ] [ -s ] file ... DESCRIPTION
Shortc searches for instances of long identifiers in the specified files. In its normal mode of operation shortc generates a list of pre- processor definitions that are unique in their first seven characters. The shortc output is then included into each file (or a common header file) which is processed using a flexnames version of cpp. If no files are given shortc reads from the standard input. The symlen argument may be used to change the default long identifier length from seven characters. The -s option generates a sed script instead of preprocessor definitions. The -p option causes shortc to parse preprocessor lines. These options are most useful together when flexnames support is not available from cpp. BUGS
When using cpp, preprocessor symbols must be weeded out by hand. Otherwise they will cause (innocuous) redefinition messages. The -p option will incorrectly parse include file names which must be removed by hand from the output. 3rd Berkeley Distribution September 5, 1988 SHORTC(1)

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CPP(1)							      General Commands Manual							    CPP(1)

cpp - C language preprocessor SYNOPSIS
cpp [ option ... ] [ ifile [ ofile ] ] DESCRIPTION
Cpp interprets ANSI C preprocessor directives and does macro substitution. The input ifile and output ofile default to standard input and standard output respectively. The options are: -Dname -Dname=def -Idir Same as in 2c(1). -M Generate no output except a list of include files in a form suitable for specifying dependencies to mk(1). Use twice to list files in angle brackets. -N Turn off default include directories. All must be specified with -I. Without this option, /$objtype/include and /sys/include are used as the last two searched directories for include directives, where $objtype is read from the environment. -V Print extra debugging information. -+ Understand C++ comments. The output file contains processed text sprinkled with lines that show the original input line numbering: #line linenumber "ifile" The input language is as described in the ANSI C standard. The C compilers do not use cpp; they contain their own simple but adequate pre- processor, so cpp is usually superfluous. FILES
/sys/include directory for machine-independent include files /$objtype/include directory for machine-dependent include files SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/cpp SEE ALSO
2c(1) CPP(1)
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