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SCRIPT(1)										SCRIPT(1)

       script - make typescript of terminal session

       script [ -a ] [ file ]

       Script makes a typescript of everything printed on your terminal.  The typescript is writ-
       ten to file, or appended to file if the -a option is given.  It can be sent  to	the  line
       printer	later  with  lpr.   If no file name is given, the typescript is saved in the file

       The script ends when the forked shell exits.

       This program is useful when using a crt and a hard-copy record of the dialog  is  desired,
       as for a student handing in a program that was developed on a crt when hard-copy terminals
       are in short supply.

       Script places everything in the log file.  This is not what the naive user expects.

4th Berkeley Distribution		  April 29, 1985				SCRIPT(1)
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