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MFORMAT(1)									       MFORMAT(1)

       mformat - add an MSDOS filesystem to a low-level formatted diskette.

       mformat [ -t tracks ] [ -h heads ] [ -s sectors ] [ -l volume label ] drive:

       Mformat	adds  a  minimal  MSDOS  filesystem  (boot  sector, FAT, and root directory) to a
       diskette that has already been formatted by a Unix low-level format.

       The follow options are supported:

       t      The number of tracks (not cylinders).

       h      The number of heads (sides).

       s      The number of sectors per track.

       l      An optional volume label.

       To format a diskette at a density other than the default, you must supply (at least) those
       command line parameters that are different from the default.


       Requires a low-level format utility from Unix.

       Doesn't detect (or record) bad block information.

					      local				       MFORMAT(1)
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