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mat(1) [bsd man page]

METADATA(1)                                                        User Commands                                                       METADATA(1)

MAT - Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit SYNOPSIS
mat [options] files mat-gui DESCRIPTION
The Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit is a lib (with a CLI and a GUI) created to anonymise file's metadata. In essence, metadata answer who, what, when, where, why, and how about every face of the data that are being documented. They can be a risk for privacy. OPTIONS
-h, --help show this help message and exit -a, --add2archive Add to outputed archive non-supported filetypes -b, --backup Keep a backup copy -c, --check Check if a file is free of harmful metadatas -d, --display List all the harmful meta of a file without removing them -f, --force Don't check if files are clean before cleaning -l, --list List all supported fileformat -v, --version Display version and exit EXAMPLES
mat --display mydocument.pdf Display the mydocument.pdf's harmful metadata mat --check *.jpg Check all the jpg images from the current folder NOTES
MAT only process metadata, it does not handle file data. Blame yourself if you are traced back because of the data of your files. MAT is not perfect : In most of the cases, a forensic expert with a lot of time can trace back your document. If you want absolute privacy, use plain-text. AUTHOR
Julien (jvoisin) Voisin <>, during the GSoC 2011 BUGS
MAT does not handle watermaking/tattoo for now. SEE ALSO
exiftool, hachoir-metadata Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit August 2011 METADATA(1)

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EBOOK-META(1)							      calibre							     EBOOK-META(1)

ebook-meta - part of calibre SYNOPSIS
ebook-meta ebook_file [options] DESCRIPTION
Read/Write metadata from/to ebook files. Supported formats for reading metadata: azw, azw1, cbr, cbz, chm, epub, fb2, html, imp, lit, lrf, lrx, mobi, odt, oebzip, opf, pdb, pdf, pml, pmlz, prc, rar, rb, rtf, tpz, txt, zip Supported formats for writing metadata: azw, azw1, epub, lrf, mobi, pdb, pdf, prc, rtf, tpz Different file types support different kinds of metadata. If you try to set some metadata on a file type that does not support it, the metadata will be silently ignored. Whenever you pass arguments to ebook-meta that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks. OPTIONS
--version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -t, --title Set the title. -a, --authors Set the authors. Multiple authors should be separated by the & character. Author names should be in the order Firstname Lastname. --title-sort The version of the title to be used for sorting. If unspecified, and the title is specified, it will be auto-generated from the title. --author-sort String to be used when sorting by author. If unspecified, and the author(s) are specified, it will be auto-generated from the author(s). --cover Set the cover to the specified file. -c, --comments Set the ebook description. -p, --publisher Set the ebook publisher. --category Set the book category. -s, --series Set the series this ebook belongs to. -i, --index Set the index of the book in this series. -r, --rating Set the rating. Should be a number between 1 and 5. --isbn Set the ISBN of the book. --tags Set the tags for the book. Should be a comma separated list. -k, --book-producer Set the book producer. -l, --language Set the language. -d, --date Set the published date. --get-cover Get the cover from the ebook and save it at as the specified file. --to-opf Specify the name of an OPF file. The metadata will be written to the OPF file. --from-opf Read metadata from the specified OPF file and use it to set metadata in the ebook. Metadata specified on the command line will over- ride metadata read from the OPF file --lrf-bookid Set the BookID in LRF files SEE ALSO
The User Manual is available at Created by Kovid Goyal <> ebook-meta (calibre 0.6.53) July 2010 EBOOK-META(1)

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