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LPTEST(1)						      General Commands Manual							 LPTEST(1)

lptest - generate lineprinter ripple pattern SYNOPSIS
lptest [ length [ count ] ] DESCRIPTION
Lptest writes the traditional "ripple test" pattern on standard output. In 96 lines, this pattern will print all 96 printable ASCII char- acters in each position. While originally created to test printers, it is quite useful for testing terminals, driving terminal ports for debugging purposes, or any other task where a quick supply of random data is needed. The length argument specifies the output line length if the the default length of 79 is inappropriate. The count argument specifies the number of output lines to be generated if the default count of 200 is inappropriate. Note that if count is to be specified, length must be also be specified. SEE ALSO
4.3 Berkeley Distribution April 29, 1985 LPTEST(1)

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glLineStipple - specify the line stipple pattern C SPECIFICATION
void glLineStipple( GLint factor, GLushort pattern ) PARAMETERS
factor Specifies a multiplier for each bit in the line stipple pattern. If factor is 3, for example, each bit in the pattern is used three times before the next bit in the pattern is used. factor is clamped to the range [1, 256] and defaults to 1. pattern Specifies a 16-bit integer whose bit pattern determines which fragments of a line will be drawn when the line is rasterized. Bit zero is used first; the default pattern is all 1's. DESCRIPTION
Line stippling masks out certain fragments produced by rasterization; those fragments will not be drawn. The masking is achieved by using three parameters: the 16-bit line stipple pattern pattern, the repeat count factor, and an integer stipple counter s. Counter s is reset to 0 whenever glBegin is called, and before each line segment of a glBegin(GL_LINES)/glEnd sequence is generated. It is incremented after each fragment of a unit width aliased line segment is generated, or after each i fragments of an i width line segment are generated. The i fragments associated with count s are masked out if pattern bit (s/factor)mod16 is 0, otherwise these fragments are sent to the frame buffer. Bit zero of pattern is the least significant bit. Antialiased lines are treated as a sequence of 1xwidth rectangles for purposes of stippling. Whether rectagle s is rasterized or not depends on the fragment rule described for aliased lines, counting rectangles rather than groups of fragments. To enable and disable line stippling, call glEnable and glDisable with argument GL_LINE_STIPPLE. When enabled, the line stipple pattern is applied as described above. When disabled, it is as if the pattern were all 1's. Initially, line stippling is disabled. ERRORS
GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glLineStipple is executed between the execution of glBegin and the corresponding execution of glEnd. ASSOCIATED GETS
glGet with argument GL_LINE_STIPPLE_PATTERN glGet with argument GL_LINE_STIPPLE_REPEAT glIsEnabled with argument GL_LINE_STIPPLE SEE ALSO
glLineWidth(3G), glPolygonStipple(3G) GLLINESTIPPLE(3G)
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