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LAST(1) 										  LAST(1)

       last - indicate last logins of users and teletypes

       last [ -f filename ] [ -N ] [ name ...  ] [ tty ...  ]

       Last  will look back in the wtmp file which records all logins and logouts for information
       about a user, a teletype or any group of users and teletypes.  Arguments specify names  of
       users  or  teletypes  of  interest.  Names of teletypes may be given fully or abbreviated.
       For example `last 0' is the same as `last tty0'.  If multiple  arguments  are  given,  the
       information which applies to any of the arguments is printed.  For example `last root con-
       sole' would list all of "root's" sessions as well as all sessions on the console terminal.
       Last  will  print  the  sessions  of the specified users and teletypes, most recent first,
       indicating the times at which the session began, the duration  of  the  session,  and  the
       teletype  which	the session took place on.  If the session is still continuing or was cut
       short by a reboot, last so indicates.

       The pseudo-user reboot logs in at reboots of the system, thus

	    last reboot

       will give an indication of mean time between reboot.

       Last with no arguments prints a record of all logins and logouts, in reverse  order.   The
       -f  filename option allows the user to examine an alternate wtmp file.  The -N option lim-
       its the report to N lines.

       If last is interrupted, it indicates how far the search has progressed in wtmp.	If inter-
       rupted with a quit signal (generated by a control-\) last indicates how far the search has
       progressed so far, and the search continues.

       /usr/adm/wtmp	   login data base
       /usr/adm/shutdownlog	which records shutdowns and reasons for same

       wtmp(5), ac(8), lastcomm(1)

       Howard Katseff

4th Berkeley Distribution		  April 29, 1985				  LAST(1)

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