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FPR(1)											   FPR(1)

       fpr - print Fortran file


       Fpr  is	a  filter that transforms files formatted according to Fortran's carriage control
       conventions into files formatted according to UNIX line printer conventions.

       Fpr copies its input onto its output, replacing the carriage control characters with char-
       acters  that will produce the intended effects when printed using lpr(1).  The first char-
       acter of each line determines the vertical spacing as follows:

	   |   Character   | Vertical Space Before Printing |
	   |	 Blank	   | One line			    |
	   |	   0	   | Two lines			    |
	   |	   1	   | To first line of next page     |
	   |	   +	   | No advance 		    |

       A blank line is treated as if its first character is a blank. A blank that  appears  as	a
       carriage  control  character is deleted. A zero is changed to a newline.  A one is changed
       to a form feed. The effects of a "+" are simulated using backspaces.

       a.out | fpr | lpr

       fpr < f77.output | lpr

       Results are undefined for input lines longer than 170 characters.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		   May 7, 1986					   FPR(1)
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