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FMT(1)											   FMT(1)

       fmt - simple text formatter

       fmt [ name ...  ]

       Fmt  is	a simple text formatter which reads the concatenation of input files (or standard
       input if none are given) and produces on standard output a version of its input with lines
       as  close  to  72  characters long as possible.	The spacing at the beginning of the input
       lines is preserved in the output, as are blank lines and interword spacing.

       Fmt is meant to format mail messages prior to sending, but may also be  useful  for  other
       simple tasks.  For instance, within visual mode of the ex editor (e.g.  vi) the command
       will reformat a paragraph, evening the lines.

       nroff(1), mail(1)

       Kurt Shoens

       The program was designed to be simple and fast - for more complex operations, the standard
       text processors are likely to be more appropriate.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		  April 29, 1985				   FMT(1)
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