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DF(1)											    DF(1)

       df - disk free

       df [ -i ] [ filesystem ... ] [ file ... ]

       Df  prints  out	the amount of free disk space available on the specified filesystem, e.g.
       ``/dev/rp0a'', or on the filesystem in which the specified file, e.g. ``$HOME'',  is  con-
       tained.	 If  no  file  system is specified, the free space on all of the normally mounted
       file systems is printed.  The reported numbers are in kilobytes.

       Other options are:

       -i     Report also the number of inodes which are used and free.

       /etc/fstab     list of normally mounted filesystems

       fstab(5), icheck(8), quot(8)

4th Berkeley Distribution		  April 29, 1985				    DF(1)
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