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CRC(1)							      General Commands Manual							    CRC(1)

crc - checksum files SYNOPSIS
crc file ... DESCRIPTION
For each file, crc calculates and prints a 32-bit CRC, the byte count, and the file name. It is typically used to validate files trans- ferred between different systems, and is useful in detecting subtle disk corruption. Crc uses a checksum compatible with the DOS version of crc, the 32 bit CRC used by PKZIP version 0.9, as well as the "crc" command in ZCOMM and Professional-YAM (high reliability communica- tions programs). The 32-bit CRC used is the frame check sequence in ADCCP (ANSI X3.66, also known as FIPS PUB 71 and FED-STD-1003, the U.S. versions of CCITT's X.25 link-level protocol). 32 bit CRC code courtesy Gary S. Brown. BUGS
Although extremely unlikely, files with different data may still produce the same crc value. SEE ALSO
chek(1), undos(OMEN), todos(OMEN), tocpm(OMEN), sum(1), wc(1). OMEN CRC(1)

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Digest::CRC(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					    Digest::CRC(3)

Digest::CRC - Generic CRC functions SYNOPSIS
# Functional style use Digest::CRC qw(crc64 crc32 crc16 crcccitt crc crc8 crcopenpgparmor); $crc = crc64("123456789"); $crc = crc32("123456789"); $crc = crc16("123456789"); $crc = crcccitt("123456789"); $crc = crc8("123456789"); $crc = crcopenpgparmor("123456789"); $crc = crc($input,$width,$init,$xorout,$refout,$poly,$refin,$cont); # add data to existing $crc = crc32("ABCD", $crc); # OO style use Digest::CRC; $ctx = Digest::CRC->new(type=>"crc16"); $ctx = Digest::CRC->new(width=>16, init=>0x2345, xorout=>0x0000, refout=>1, poly=>0x8005, refin=>1, cont=>1); $ctx->add($data); $ctx->addfile(*FILE); $digest = $ctx->digest; $digest = $ctx->hexdigest; $digest = $ctx->b64digest; DESCRIPTION
The Digest::CRC module calculates CRC sums of all sorts. It contains wrapper functions with the correct parameters for CRC-CCITT, CRC-16, CRC-32 and CRC-64, as well as the CRC used in OpenPGP's ASCII-armored checksum. SEE ALSO AUTHOR
Oliver Maul, COPYRIGHT
CRC algorithm code taken from "A PAINLESS GUIDE TO CRC ERROR DETECTION ALGORITHMS". The author of this package disclaims all copyrights and releases it into the public domain. perl v5.18.2 2017-10-06 Digest::CRC(3)
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