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panic(9) [freebsd man page]

PANIC(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						  PANIC(9)

panic -- bring down system on fatal error SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/systm.h> void panic(const char *fmt, ...); DESCRIPTION
The panic() function terminates the running system. The message fmt is a printf(3) style format string. The message is printed to the con- sole and the location panicstr is set to the address of the message text for retrieval from the OS core dump. If the kernel debugger is installed control is passed to it, otherwise an attempt to save a core dump of the OS to a configured dump device is made. If panic() is called twice (from the disk sync routines, for example) the system is rebooted without syncing the disks. RETURN VALUES
The panic() function does not return. BSD
August 11, 1995 BSD

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SAVECORE(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       SAVECORE(8)

savecore - save a core dump of the operating system SYNOPSIS
savecore dirname [ system ] DESCRIPTION
Savecore is meant to be called at the end of the /etc/rc file. Its function is to save the core dump of the system (if one was made) and to write a reboot message in the shutdown log. It saves the core image in the file dirname/core.n and its corresponding namelist in dirname/unix.n. The second argument is the namelist for the system which made the core image; the current system is always assumed to be /unix. The trailing ".n" in the pathnames is replaced by a number which grows every time savecore is run in that directory. Before savecore writes out a core image, it reads a number from the file dirname/minfree. If there are fewer free blocks on the file sys- tem which contains dirname than the number obtained from the minfree file, the core dump is not done. If the minfree file does not exist, savecore always writes out the core file (assuming that a core dump was taken). Savecore also writes a reboot message in the shut down log. If the system crashed as a result of a panic, savecore records the panic string in the shut down log too. If savecore detects that the system time is wrong because of a crash (the time in the core image is after the current time), it will reset the system time to its best estimate of the time, which is the time in the core image plus the elapsed time since the reboot. It announces the time that it set when this occurs. FILES
/usr/adm/shutdownlogshutdown log /unix current UNIX BUGS
The method used to determine whether a dump is present, and to prevent the same core image from being saved multiple times, is not elegant. This information should be passed to init by the system; however, this is difficult because the system may have to be rebooted a second time if the root filesystem is patched. 3rd Berkeley Distribution SAVECORE(8)
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