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WPI(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   WPI(4)

     wpi -- Intel 3945ABG Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 driver

     To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configura-
     tion file:

	   device wpi
	   device wpifw
	   device pci
	   device wlan
	   device wlan_amrr
	   device firmware

     Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in


     The wpi driver provides support for the Intel 3945ABG Wireless network adapter.  wpi sup-
     ports station, adhoc, and monitor mode operation.	Only one virtual interface may be config-
     ured at any time.	For more information on configuring this device, see ifconfig(8).

     This driver requires the firmware built with the wpifw module to work.

     /usr/share/doc/legal/intel_wpi/LICENSE  wpi firmware license

     Join an existing BSS network (i.e., connect to an access point):

	   ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev wpi0 inet \
	       netmask 0xffffff00

     Join a specific BSS network with network name ``my_net'':

	   ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev wpi0 ssid my_net up

     Join a specific BSS network with 64-bit WEP encryption:

	   ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev wpi0 ssid my_net \
		   wepmode on wepkey 0x1234567890 weptxkey 1 up

     Join a specific BSS network with 128-bit WEP encryption:

	   ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev wpi0 wlanmode adhoc ssid my_net \
	       wepmode on wepkey 0x01020304050607080910111213 weptxkey 1

     wpi%d: could not load firmware image '%s'	The driver failed to load the firmware image
     using the firmware(9) subsystem.  Verify the wpifw firmware module is installed.

     wpi%d: fatal firmware error  An unknown error has occurred in the uploaded firmware, you may
     have to unload/reload the driver to continue.

     wpi%d: Radio transmitter is switched off  The hardware switch controlling the radio is cur-
     rently turned off.  Data transmission is not possible in this state.

     pci(4), wlan(4), wlan_ccmp(4), wlan_tkip(4), wlan_wep(4), wpifw(4), ifconfig(8),

     The original wpi driver was written for OpenBSD by Damien Bergamini
     <damien.bergamini@free.fr>.  Benjamin Close <benjsc@FreeBSD.org> ported wpi to FreeBSD.

     Not all the error messages are documented here.

     Background scanning is not currently supported.

BSD					 October 5, 2008				      BSD
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