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Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 1

acd(1) anm(1) ar(1) ascii(1) ash(1) asize(1)
at(1) banner(1) basename(1) bc(1) bsfilt(1) btoa(1)
cal(1) calendar(1) cat(1) cawf(1) cc(1) cdiff(1)
cdplay(1) cgrep(1) chgrp(1) chmem(1) chmod(1) cksum(1)
clr(1) cmp(1) comm(1) compress(1) cp(1) crc(1)
ctags(1) cut(1) date(1) dd(1) df(1) dhryston(1)
diff(1) diskchec(1) dosdir(1) dosread(1) doswrite(1) du(1)
echo(1) ed(1) eject(1) elvis(1) elvrec(1) expand(1)
expr(1) factor(1) fgrep(1) file(1) find(1) finger(1)
flex(1) flexdoc(1) fmt(1) fold(1) format(1) fortune(1)
fsck(1) gather(1) grep(1) head(1) host(1) hostaddr(1)
ic(1) id(1) ifdef(1) install(1) isodir(1) isoinfo(1)
isoread(1) join(1) kill(1) last(1) leave(1) ln(1)
loadfont(1) loadkeys(1) login(1) look(1) lp(1) ls(1)
mail(1) make(1) makewhat(1) man(1) mesg(1) mixer(1)
mkdir(1) mkfifo(1) mkfs(1) mkproto(1) modem(1) mount(1)
mref(1) mt(1) mv(1) nm(1) od(1) passwd(1)
paste(1) patch(1) pathchk(1) playwave(1) postmort(1) pr(1)
prep(1) pretty(1) printenv(1) ps(1) pwd(1) rcp(1)
readall(1) readfs(1) recover(1) recwave(1) ref(1) remsync(1)
rev(1) rlogin(1) rm(1) rmdir(1) rsh(1) rz(1)
sed(1) sh(1) shar(1) size(1) sleep(1) sort(1)
spell(1) split(1) strings(1) strip(1) stty(1) su(1)
sum(1) svc(1) synctree(1) sz(1) tail(1) tar(1)
tee(1) telnet(1) term(1) termcap(1) test(1) tget(1)
time(1) touch(1) tr(1) traverse(1) treecmp(1) true(1)
tsort(1) ttt(1) tty(1) umount(1) uname(1) unexpand(1)
uniq(1) unshar(1) uud(1) uue(1) vol(1) wc(1)
whatis(1) whatsnew(1) whereis(1) which(1) who(1) whoami(1)
width(1) write(1) yacc(1) yap(1) yes(1)

Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 2

access(2) alarm(2) brk(2) chdir(2) chmod(2) chown(2)
chroot(2) close(2) creat(2) dup(2) execve(2) exit(2)
fcntl(2) fork(2) getgid(2) getpid(2) getuid(2) intro(2)
ioctl(2) kill(2) link(2) lseek(2) mkdir(2) mknod(2)
mount(2) open(2) pause(2) pipe(2) ptrace(2) read(2)
reboot(2) rename(2) rmdir(2) setsid(2) setuid(2) sigactio(2)
sigpendi(2) sigprocm(2) sigsuspe(2) stat(2) sync(2) time(2)
times(2) umask(2) uname(2) unlink(2) utime(2) wait(2)

Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 3

abort(3) abs(3) assert(3) atof(3) bstring(3) crypt(3)
ctime(3) ctype(3) curses(3) director(3) editline(3) end(3)
execl(3) exit(3) fclose(3) ferror(3) fopen(3) fread(3)
fseek(3) g_h_b_n(3) getc(3) getcwd(3) getenv(3) getgrent(3)
getlogin(3) getopt(3) getpass(3) getpwent(3) gets(3) getttyen(3)
hton(3) malloc(3) onec_sum(3) popen(3) printf(3) putc(3)
puts(3) qsort(3) rand(3) random(3) resolver(3) scanf(3)
setbuf(3) sigset(3) sleep(3) stdarg(3) stdio(3) string(3)
system(3) termcap(3) termios(3) ttyname(3) ttyslot(3) ungetc(3)

Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 4

console(4) dev(4) fd(4) hd(4) ip(4) lp(4)
mtio(4) sd(4) tty(4)

Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 5

dir(5) ethers(5) fstab(5) hosts(5) keymap(5) passwd(5)
resolver(5) resolvxc(5) rhosts(5) termcap(5) ttytab(5) tz(5)
utmp(5) whatis(5)

Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 6


Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 7

ascii(7) environ(7) hier(7) man(7)

Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 8

add_rout(8) adduser(8) backup(8) badblock(8) boot(8) checkhie(8)
chown(8) cron(8) elvprsv(8) fdisk(8) fingerd(8) ftpd(8)
getty(8) halt(8) ifconfig(8) inet(8) init(8) inodes(8)
installb(8) irdpd(8) makedev(8) mkdist(8) mknod(8) monitor(8)
ncheck(8) nonamed(8) part(8) partitio(8) pr_route(8) printroo(8)
pwdauth(8) rarpd(8) readcloc(8) reboot(8) repartit(8) rlogind(8)
rshd(8) s_n_d(8) screendu(8) shutdown(8) srccrc(8) sync(8)
update(8) usage(8)

Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: 9

as(9) awk(9) de(9) dis88(9) elle(9) elvis(9)
indent(9) kermit(9) m4(9) mined(9) roff(9)

Minix 2.0 Commands Man Page Section: doc.db

Man page is the short form for "manual page" found in software documentation on a Unix or Unix-like operating system (including Linux). Man page topics include small computer programs (including unix commands, library and system calls), formal standards and conventions, and abstract computing concepts. A computer user invokes the man page by issuing the "man" command and the name of the program, concept or command.