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crash dump server for red hat ent 4

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Operating Systems Linux crash dump server for red hat ent 4
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Old 11-19-2008
crash dump server for red hat ent 4

Is it true that you can't have the crash dump server/client on the same server?

I know I've installed Nagios open source before, I though it's only for that kind of thing. I never though that Red hat ent 4 would be like client/server on the crash dump.

if someone is having problem with high file descriptor and your kernel logs doesn't have much or no error at all, the only way the red hat support could analyze your problem is through crash dump and above is the only way. or if you are having problem with your applications and your kernel couldn't tell.

any comments will be highly appreciated?
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cr_read(3)						     Library Functions Manual							cr_read(3)

cr_read - read from crash dump SYNOPSIS
The function attempts to read the memory area defined by mem_page and num_pages into the buffer pointed to by buf from the crash dump opened using crash_cb. The starts at the position in the crash dump associated with the physical memory offset given by mem_page. If the physical memory page mem_page does not exist in the crash dump, sets *num_pages to 0 and returns 0. No data transfer will occur past a page of memory that does not exist in the crash dump. If the starting position, mem_page, plus the read length, *num_pages, goes past an area of memory that does not exist in the crash dump, sets *num_pages to the number of consecutive pages (starting at mem_page) actually read. RETURN VALUE
Returns zero for success. Other possible return values are described in libcrash(5). EXAMPLES
Assuming a process opened a crash dump, the following call to cr_read(3) reads the first pages from the crash dump into the buffer pointed to by mybuf: WARNINGS
may return fewer pages than requested due to implementation details. Always check the number of pages returned. If they are fewer than requested, issue a new request starting at the first page not returned. Only if that new request reads zero pages (or returns an error) can you be sure that the page was not dumped. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
cr_open(3), libcrash(5). cr_read(3)

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