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Operating Systems Linux hi..
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Old 11-10-2008

Hi, This is Mannapuram..I joined today in this forum.. i have one doubt in VXWOrks RTOS.In vxworks 6.4 i found 'struct ifnet' structure was used. I found this one through online documents,, and i can't find the same vworks 6.6..

Here is the structure that was used earlier:

struct ifnet {
char *if_name;
struct ifnet *if_next;
struct ifaddr *if_addrlist;
int if_pcount;
caddr_t if_bpf;
u_short if_index;
short if_unit;
short if_timer;
short if_flags;
struct if_data if_data;
struct mBlk * pInmMblk;
int (*if_init)
(int unit);
int (*if_output)
(struct ifnet *, struct mBlk *, struct sockaddr *,
struct rtentry *);
int (*if_start)
(struct ifnet *);
int (*if_ioctl)
(struct ifnet *, int cmd, caddr_t data);
int (*if_reset)
(int unit);
int (*if_resolve)();
void (*if_watchdog)
(int unit);
struct ifqueue if_snd;
void * pCookie;


Any idea in this regard would be a great help.

thanking you...

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Old 11-11-2008
Please explain me the PPP implementation in the vxworks 6.4 and vxworks 6.5 releases?

I think the previous post was some what too technical. I would like to know the implementation of ppp in vxworks 6.5 and vxworks 6.4 versions. I am actually trying to migrate from vxworks 5.5 to 6.6 version. But, not sure if there were changes in ppp implementations which involved removing of the ifnet structure?

Any idea in this regard would be a great help.

Thanks in Advance,
Srinivas Mannapuram

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