gcc updation on Linux machine

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Question gcc updation on Linux machine

Hi All,

I already have gcc complier installed in my machine.

Its version is : gcc version 3.2.2 20030222 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5)

I am not sure whethere it's is latest gcc version available. I want to update my gcc version. Can anyone please suggest me what is the latest and stable gcc version available now a days and from where i can get it installed i.e. any weblink etc.?

It would be great if some one can brief me about the steps to update my version, i can use rpm -uvh gcc* i can get any dvd/cd mounted on my machine, but what sholud i use if need to install from a website, should i use yum for this?

Any detailed help will be highly appriciated, i need to creat the environment today itself.

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2 things.
1) the updaet option for rpm goes in upercase, rpm -Uvh gcc*
2) if the server has a internet conection, just use up2date. if it dosnt, search for how to cerate a private repository for up2date.

i KNOW that updating gcc will force alot of dependencies. all the libraries, most of the applications (because of the libraries) ect
so the best option is to use up2date
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