mount filetype error

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Operating Systems Linux mount filetype error
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mount filetype error


I am trying to mount an external USB drive connected to a SnapServer 410 ( a network file server running a linux OS called Guardian OS).

THanks to some articles on the the web, I found that I needed to use the following command:

> mount -t vfat /dev/sde /mnt/usbext

unfortunately i get the following error message when the command executes:

> mount: fs type vfat not supported by kernel

The drive is a FAT32 drive so I am guessing I may be out of luck until I can reformat the drive but before I do, I wanted to make sure what filetypes are supported.

How do I find out what filetypes are supproted by my kernel?

When I use the uname -r command, the result is 2.4.19-gos-up

Thank you for your assistance.
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you will probably have to add msdosfs support into your kernel. i use freebsd and not linux, so im not sure how the whole kernel compiling thing and all that works with linux so i wont be of any help to u there.
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Thanks for the tip. Adding support to my kernel may not be possible and is certainly beyond my level of unix knowledge.

So other suggestions are still welcome.
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Maybe you can try this command

modprobe vfat

and then you can mount you FAT system again
# 5  
Thanks for the suggestion starlimac.

When I issue the modprobe command as you suggested, I get the response:
"modprobe: can't locate module vfat"
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Can you give exactly your operating system or name of your distribution Linux.
# 7  
Hi I gave what I could in my original post. The OS is called Guardian OS. The OS Version is 4.4.049 SP3.

a uname command results in: 2.4.19-gos-up
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