Landscape printing broken in CUPS?

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Operating Systems Linux Landscape printing broken in CUPS?
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Old 07-16-2008
Landscape printing broken in CUPS?


I am using version:

cups-config --version - 1.2.4

However, when i use the -o land or -o landscape command it doesn't print in Landscape.

I have the same problem on another server. (Both running CENTOS).

Does landscape printing work in CUPS? Is there a fix?

Thanks in an advance,
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cups-config - get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information. SYNOPSIS
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cups-config is the CUPS program configuration utility. It should be used by application developers to determine the necessary command-line options for the compiler and linker, as well as determining installation directories for filters, configuration files, and drivers. OPTIONS
--api-version Displays the current API version (major.minor). --build Displays a system-specific build number. --cflags Displays the necessary compiler options. --datadir Displays the default CUPS data directory. --help Displays the program usage message. --image When used with --libs, adds the CUPS imaging library to the list of displayed libraries. --ldflags Displays the necessary linker options. --libs Displays the necessary librarys to link to. --serverbin Displays the default CUPS binary directory, where filters and backends are stored. --serverroot Displays the default CUPS configuration file directory. --static When used with --libs, shows the static libraries instead of the default (shared) libraries. --version Displays the full version number of the CUPS installation (major.minor.patch). SEE ALSO
http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
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