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RHEL5 Kickstart Problem... HELP!

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Operating Systems Linux RHEL5 Kickstart Problem... HELP!
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Question RHEL5 Kickstart Problem... HELP!

Im hoping you guys can help me. Here is a description of what I have going on.

Fresh VM, trying to run a Kickstart Install on it for RHEL5. I am looking to access the kickstart file through nfs.

I boot from a local ISO image and everything goes fine, I get to the boot prompt and enter linux ks=nfs:43.145.XXX.XX:/data/ks/ksrh5x86_64.cfg

---it is at this point where I am confused on what to do---
I have in a document left to me by someone who used to work here, the following information.

#linux ks=nfs:

---Here is my problem----

I do this at the boot prompt, everything flows until it comes back saying sending request for IP information for eth0"...That goes on for a few minutes then I get a screen that pops up saying "Error Downloading Kickstart File"

"Unable to Download the Kickstart file, Please modify the Kickstart paramater below or press cancel to proceed as an interactive installation"

I am not well versed in RHEL5 and this is my first time doing a Kickstart install.

-Am I supposed to enter the KSdevice,IP,netmask,gateway and noipv6 on the same line that I am entering the ks=nfs path?

-Is there something I am missing?

I would be forever greatfull if someone could assist me with this.
I am stumped and confused.

I am looking forward to learning more about this and would appreciate the assistance.

Many Thanks,
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It looks like you should be booting to the network with that setup.

You want to do a DHCP/BootP to a TFTP/DCHP/NFS server.
Otherwise, you can copy that kickstart profile to a USB drive and then kickstart=/dev/sda1/blahblah.cfg
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Thanks Mark, I appreciate the advice... I finally got it working... I cant use NFS because we don't have DHCP here... SO I used http to retrieve the kickstart file...

Thanks for the response.

Originally Posted by mark54g
It looks like you should be booting to the network with that setup.

You want to do a DHCP/BootP to a TFTP/DCHP/NFS server.
Otherwise, you can copy that kickstart profile to a USB drive and then kickstart=/dev/sda1/blahblah.cfg
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I had this problem too. The issue was down to the type of VNIC selected.

Do not choose the enhanced vmxnet as this seems to have problems with DHCP.


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