c++ compilation error

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Operating Systems Linux c++ compilation error
# 1  
PHP c++ compilation error

Hello every one,

here i am attempting to compile a c++ module using gcc.it is throwing a error .


> make -S dummyCHARGP
/usr/local/bin/gcc -g -DDEBUG -DMAT -I. -I/swtemp/usbs/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/lib/Linux/ -I/opt/dce/include -I/opt/dce/include/dce -I/swtemp/usbs/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/cb/cdbc/include -I/swtemp/usbs/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/include -I/swtemp/usbs/cc/unix-ce/root/3pp/include/Linux -I/swtemp/usbs/cc/unix-ce/root/3pp/include/ -DSNACC_DEEP_COPY -I/swtemp/usbs/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/cb/cdbc/obj_0001/Linux -g -c -DUSE_FREE_DCE -D_GNU_SOURCE -DLINUX -DIDL_CHAR_IS_CHAR -D_REENTRANT -fsigned-char -DCXX_VERSION= -DSNACC_DEEP_COPY -D_GLIBCPP__DCE_THREADS -c -o /swtemp/usbs/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/cb/cdbc/obj_0001/Linux/cdbm_dummy.o
gcc: no input files
*** Error exit code 1

can somebody helps me regarding this issue.I am searching for the same on internet,but no information.

# 2  
Looks like your Makefile doesn't say which file to compile.
# 3  

Hello era,
thank you very much for u r reply,
here dummyCHARGP is the target(input file).

with regards,
# 4  
Use g++ instead of gcc
# 5  
Maybe the Makefile would work better if you renamed it to have a .cpp extension. Otherwise, don't tell us what you want to compile; tell the Makefile. (^:
# 6  

Hello era,
could u pls explain what do you mean by "Maybe the Makefile would work better if you renamed it to have a .cpp extension" iam not clear.

with regards,
# 7  
Sorry for the fuzzy answer before; I meant rename the source file.

mv dummyCHARGP dummyCHARGP.cpp

Maybe edit the Makefile to reflect this change.

I'm speculating that you have a very simple makefile and expect it to automatically derive the dependencies, but it can only do this correctly if the file name has an extension it recognizes.
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