How to receive results from processes spawned on external machines using SSH

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Operating Systems Linux How to receive results from processes spawned on external machines using SSH
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Old 02-13-2008
How to receive results from processes spawned on external machines using SSH

I am trying to get the number of cpus on a farm of linux boxes (about 100 of them) by 'sshing' to each of them and checking their /proc/cpuinfo file.
So I have a local script on each of those 100 machines which retrieves the number of cpus in it by using its /proc/cpuinfo file. Then I have written a generic script on the master machine which gets these values from each of those machines by calling the local script on each of those machines by "sshing" to them as shown below within a for loop.

/usr/bin/ssh -n username@machinename $REMOTE_COMMAND

It works fine. But is there a mechanism through which I could pass those values from each of those 100 machines back to the master machine process which is invoking the localscript on each of those 100 machines.
I need to use those "num cpu" values for some computational analysis within the main process on the master machine. How can the remote machines return their number of cpus back to the calling process running on the master machine ?

Your suggestions highly appreciated.

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Old 02-15-2008
execute "ssh root@server cat /proc/cpuinfo >> servers.cpu.stats" from the master machine, but before that put all the machines into a file / array, source it, and call each one sequental.
Also, you can use auto/expect to create such sessions, and log them with "log_file" function.
If you prefer your way, after execution of "cat /proc/cpuinfo > file.txt" you can scp this file to the master machine.
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