Creating MD-raid devices - post install

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Operating Systems Linux Creating MD-raid devices - post install
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Old 01-17-2008
Creating MD-raid devices - post install

Hi everyone.

I have a machine which upon to recently only had one hard disk. Now I have another one identical in size and speed and want create a raid set from those two.

The partition layout is that I have three partitions, first one for /boot, the second for / and then a huge LVM partition with several logical volumes.

I suspect that the correct way of proceeding would be to partition the second disk in three partitions with the same size but with partition type linux-raid, create the md-devices and add them to the array. Mount and copy from the current one to the second disk and then boot from that array and finally add the orginal disk to the newly created array.

This is fine for the /boot and / partitions since they contain a regular file system, but how is this done with the LVM partition. If I create a new Volume group and volumes don't I mess up the configuration? Is the correct way perhaps to just dd the data from the orginal partition to the newly created raid set? Anyone ever done this here?

Rgds, Sprellarinn
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Old 01-29-2008
Sorry for bumping up the post - No one with idea?
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