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NFS not mounting during kickstart

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Operating Systems Linux NFS not mounting during kickstart
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Old 10-22-2007
NFS not mounting during kickstart

Re-building linux server from a kickstart image on cdrom.
We have a kickstart server.
the cdrom contacins the kickstart ks.cfg file and does a NFS mount from an IP to load the iso images and other files needed during the kickstart (re-build)
Now for some reason the kickstart stops and indicates that it can not NFS mount the file system from the netwrok server.
Any ideas.
(the IP and File system PATH are OK)
I am on a network that can see the network server.....
Not sure what else to look for/check.

Thanks in advanced
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Old 10-22-2007
You might have to do some packet snooping and log file checking.

Does the machine get it's network config from a DHCP server? Are the ip/netmask/default gateway and name server correct?

Are you specifying the NFS mount by name or IP address? Is the name getting resolved correctly?

The NFS exports are at least readable?

You have tried doing a similar mount from another machine on the same network segment?
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Old 10-24-2007
Hi Porter - Thanks of the start in trouble shooting. I have a few areas to double check first.
FYI I an nfs mounting by IP.
Ihave check the target server and nfsd is running and I have re-exported (exportfs) the file systems....

I think it may be network related....

Will let you know as I move forward on this.

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