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Old 10-03-2007
Unix/Neoware/Font Issues

Hi all,

My problem is that I have generated a text file on unix which I want to print on a neoware(Neolinux) box.

The problem is that the line length is 2 big so when I print it the text is wrapped around.In windows we have the option of reducing font and printing.Is there any such option available on Unix..?

The files to be printed will be placed on a Neoware machine ( a thin linux client ) which does not support any Unix print command except lpr (doesnt support a2ps/ensript/lp..)---> what I am looking for is a solution wherein I can either reduce the file font before hand on the unix machine and then send it to the Neoware for printing, or send the file to Neoware and print with a different font over there (though I tried all the lpr options on neoware..they arent working including page-left/landscape/lpi/cpi..etc)

Is there no way of reformatting the text on Unix, like decreasing file font and saving it in a new file? Or how to install a2ps command on neoware..?

Could someone suggest the best way for it..??
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Old 10-03-2007
man fmt

Reformatting page.  Please Wait... done

User Commands                                              fmt(1)

     fmt - simple text formatters

     fmt [-cs] [-w width | -width]  [inputfile...]

     fmt is a simple text formatter that fills  and  joins  lines
     to  produce output lines of (up to) the number of characters
     specified in the -w width option. The default  width is  72.
     fmt concatenates the inputfiles listed as arguments. If none
     are given, fmt formats text from the standard input.

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Old 10-06-2007

Srry ..didnt work..I need to change the font size ..not reformat it,

Is there an option to decrease the size and save it in another file..?
Since the file has to be sent to a neoware box and printed there ,Im sure there wont be command available at that side..so Im looking to format my file at the AIX server only.
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Old 10-06-2007
My understanding with UNIX printers is that either you treat them as a line printer with pure fixed font text, or you use postscript which then includes all the font and layout information.
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