slave bind name resolution inquiry

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slave bind name resolution inquiry

hi. i configured a master and slave bind server on my vmware test network. i used nslookup to the slave name server to lookup a fake entry for that the master dns set, however, the slave is resolving the real ip of, instead of what the master dns server set. i checked /var/log/messages and the records were successfully transfered. how do i configure the slave dns so it will serve the records it got from the master dns server instead of going out?
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make suer that slave can receive data from master

Did your slave receive zone file for '' from master ? Maybe slave saved records as a file.

or Make sure that zone file for '' have NS record pointed your master and slave.

Please, show configurations of master, slave

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Also, check /etc/resolv.conf to make sure the server you want to use is listed first
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