tar usage and delete/create username

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Operating Systems Linux tar usage and delete/create username
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Old 12-10-2006
tar usage and delete/create username

dear Linux expert,
I am using Fedora R5

how to use tar to archive /var to a test_var.tar and compressing it?
how to delete a user? just remove the line in /etc/passwd?
and then what is the procedure to create a new user ?

many thank
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Old 12-11-2006
become root :
1. tar cf test_var.tar /var
2. userdel
3. useradd
# 3  
Old 12-11-2006
1a. tar cjf test_var.tar /var
1b. tar czf test_var.tar /var

For bzip2 or gzip compression respectively.
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