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invoking a java prog

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Operating Systems Linux invoking a java prog
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Old 10-12-2006
Error invoking a java prog

Can any1 guide me how to invoke a java program from a sh file.
do i need to set up the class path.
how to include the needed jar files.
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Old 10-12-2006
For instance
"${JAVA_HOME}"/bin/java -classpath "${JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/rt.jar:${CLASSPATH}:.:../../..:../lib/ant-contrib.jar:../lib/client.jar:../lib/foundation.jar:../lib/incanto-0.2.0.jar:../lib/jaguar-delegate.jar:../lib/jaguar-gui-devel.jar:../lib/jaguar-if.jar:../lib/jaguar-mt2-gui.jar:../lib/jdom.jar:../lib/jhall.jar:../lib/log4j.jar:../lib/mt2-delegate.jar:../lib/mt2-if.jar:../lib/mt2-ui.jar:../lib/regexp.jar:../lib/server-foundation.jar:../lib/winie.jar:../lib/wlclient.jar:../lib/wljmsclient.jar:../lib/xerces.jar" com.datos.gui.client.session.Client

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