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MySQL server connetction problem

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Operating Systems Linux MySQL server connetction problem
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MySQL server connetction problem

Hello,thanks for your help.
I can't connect my MYSQLserver , the note from my Linux System is 'Error 1130 (00000): Host 'my ip address' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server. What could I do on this?

Thanks again!
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MySQL is usually used in a networkless fashion -- connecting through TCP/IP is disabled, only the UNIX domain socket is allowed. If you wish to enable TCP/IP, try commenting out the "skip networking" line in your my.cnf then restarting the MySQL server.

Alternatively, if networking is not disabled, keep in mind that MySQL accounts are not just per username, they're per location as well! Each user can have multiple rows in the user table with different characteristics -- you can give the same account different permissions when logged in from different places! -- and if there's none that allows your IP, then you won't get in.
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Thanks,but how can I config the my.cnf ?

I need your help,my E-mail address is "xxxxx@xxxx",can i add your MSN?

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Do not post email addresses in a question, it is against the rules. The solutions here are supposed to help everybody. No, you may not harass me on MSN.

You edit my.cnf by... editing my.cnf. It's a text file, that you edit using a text editor, like vi or nano. The file may be placed under /etc/my.cnf, /etc/mysql/my.cnf, or something like that; it can vary from distribution to distribution. After you edit the configuration file, you restart the mysql server with something like
/etc/init.d/mysqld restart

The exact command may vary from distribution to distribution.
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Corona688, I think you're thinking of Postgres. MySQL usually installs by default listening on port 3306. This simply doesn't do anyone any good because, by default, the only users within MySQL are assigned to localhost.

lancepanda, you need to add a user for the IP you want to conenct from to MySQL. Log into the machine MySQL is running on, then:
If you haven't added any MySQL users yet:
$ mysql 

mysql>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database.* TO your_username@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'your_password' WITH GRANT OPTION;


Replace ADMIN_USER with the username of someone with authority to create new users, database with the database you want to connect to (or * for all), your_username and your_password with the proper values and with your IP address. Be sure to leave the single quotes where they are as well as the semicolon at the end. Optionally, you may limit the privileges by replacing "ALL" with a comma delimited list of privileges (see the mysql manual for more information).

I'll also suggest you use The MySQL Control Center if you're not already. It's not version 1 yet, but beats The MySQL Administrator/Query Browser combo hands down - plus it makes user administration on your MySQL server very straightforward.

Also, as Corona688 said: The answers given here are used by other people in your same situation and you really should go back and edit your email address out of that post.

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