How I will check wheather my linux benchmark results are OK

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Operating Systems Linux How I will check wheather my linux benchmark results are OK
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Question How I will check wheather my linux benchmark results are OK

My system bench mark results


Arithmetic Test (type = double) 2541.7 876123.7 344.7
Dhrystone 2 without register variables 22366.3 5411602.3 242.0
Execl Throughput Test 16.5 4302.0 260.7
File Copy (30 seconds) 179.0 42052.0 234.9
Pipe-based Context Switching Test 1318.5 241404.7 183.1
Shell scripts (8 concurrent) 4.0 554.7 138.7
SUM of 6 items 1404.1

Pl explain about above resutls .How can I know wheather my reults are Ok.

Thanks & regards,
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Call me crazy, but you just might be able to look at other benchmarks in the linux benchmarks thread...
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