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Operating Systems Linux LM 19.1 from pendrive
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Old 02-11-2019
LM 19.1 from pendrive

I've "installed" LM 19.1 to a PNY 16Gb(2.0) pendrive. I have a few issues that I'd like to resolve. First and foremost, the O.S. experiences "lagging" issues and to a lesser degree, freezing. Example: Complete "boot-up" (from start to complete "home" page) can take upwards of 7 mins. Then when "opening" a browser (Opera- I've uninstalled Firefox) again, a major "lag" of around 5-6. mins. followed there as well. One of the "updates" was GRand Unified ver.2 which I thought might help, but hasn't. I'm wondering if there are inherent problems with running LinuxMint from a pendrive. I ask this because when I tried to run (awhile ago) LM 18.3, I had unresolved problems with "persistence". I'd love to use LM, but as you can see, the way it is "running" it's too much hassle. I'd like to know if anyone has experienced any problem like the ones I described and if there was any resolve? Love some advice/help.
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Old 02-12-2019
All USB based "pen drive" systems can be very slow but you can improve performance a bit by buying a much faster and better performing USB stick.

I have built these systems using both USB sticks and flash memory card and in each case I eventually abandoned the idea.

Even booting from a high quality external SSD can be slower than I prefer but that is what I use for emergencies.
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Old 03-26-2019
Persistent storage w/ "live" 19.1X


I apologize for I've not responded to this forum in quite some time. Actually, I forgot!! So, I need to update a bit. As of now I'm running LM 19.1X from a 8Gb pendrive(live). I have solved all the lagging issues w/ previous O.S's by using the latest Rufus 'installer". It provides an option for .iso or dd. I choose dd and that has done the trick, as far as severe lagging . What I have now, as in previous distro's, is getting persistence. I think I've found the solution but wanted some feedback before I implemented the process. Here's what I found... Create A Persistent Storage Live USB With Ubuntu, Linux Mint Or Debian (UEFI, >4GB Persistance Support) - Linux Uprising Blog . I'd like to hear from any of you as the validity of this procedure.


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Old 03-26-2019
URL is broken.

You had persistence before, did you not? The issue you had was that it was slow, but this is not unexpected -- USB is slow. Working around it meant putting everything in RAM and that, of course, is not persistent. Catch 22. Slow media does not have a go-faster button, you sped it up by not using it!

It may be possible to do something with unionfs overlays, booting from image but writing to disk, or mounting a read-write /home overtop of the imaged one, etc, etc. Not recommended unless you understand the boot process for your distribution extremely well.

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Old 04-07-2019
Corona688, he's been told this a bunch of times on other forums, and doesn't seem to listen. The link he tried to post was to mkusb, which he was told about 6 times. Doesn't seem to sink in for him that slow media is slow, and he seems to think Mint was designed to be used from USB with no issues. And if I've read their other forum threads right, theyve been using the same USB stick for YEARS now, just reformatting. Telling them about bad cells and flash drive life doesn't sink in either.

You can use mkusb (and other tools) to actually install to a thumbdrive, and partition it. But why bother? There are actual distros like puppy and tails that are made to run like that, so they run faster. Mint ain't one of them.
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Old 04-07-2019
Well, I don't always agree with Corona688 and he does have strong opinions like many people.

But I am confused why you are calling him out here.

If you want to say that there are Linux distros better suited for USB that's cool, but it is not necessary to call out Corona688 for his different approach.

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Old 04-07-2019
I run Linux Mint 19 from a 64GB USB stick on this MacBook Pro and it certainly is NOT slow by any stretch of the imagination.
The full install is large and small sticks may have problems with free space on their sticks for _swap_file_ access and the like...

I don't think Jake19 was calling Corona688 out at all but pointing out the OP's failings on other sites, and said OP has arrived here to ask the same questions.

So an answer is to invest in a larger capacity USB stick as that will solve many problems.
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