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LM 19.1 from pendrive

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Operating Systems Linux LM 19.1 from pendrive
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Old 04-08-2019
Originally Posted by wisecracker
I don't think Jake19 was calling Corona688 out at all but pointing out the OP's failings on other sites, and said OP has arrived here to ask the same questions.
Thanks Wise One.

I must have missed some comma or punctuation, as I read it differently, perhaps too quickly.

Thanks for clarifying.
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Old 04-11-2019
That's exactly what it was. And he's been given so much hand holding with this, its not even funny. For more than a year now, seriously; and four years, if you go to other forums and see the same stuff there.

He's known about different utilities and other methods of getting things to work, and has been fed how to guides dozens of times, but he doesn't listen. And he conveniently forgot to mention that he's
using a USB 2.0 stick, that's only 8GB in size. And putting swap on it. And FULLY EXPECTS it to work with zero lag.

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Old 04-11-2019

Enough jake19.

If you do not like a user here for what ever reason, just ignore the discussion.


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Old 04-11-2019
I get it, but before others waste their time with the OP, I think its important they have the whole story. I cannot figure out how to run a full 'desktop' OS (like Mint, or whatever..Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. doesn't matter) from a USB 2.0 stick (with /home /swap and EVERYTHING on it), with ZERO LAG. And I also can't figure out how to do it on an OLD USB 2.0 stick, that probably has a load of dead cells. If someone else can believe me, I'd love to know because I truly don't, and would love to learn. And add to that the fact they've been at this (that is, running Mint from USB) for 5 YEARS now, and I can't help but feel the OPs posts are an exercise in futility.

I can believe a 3.0 stick would work far better, but still, your limitation is the USB bus.

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