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Please: a litte help to crosscompile.


crosscompiler, solved

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Old Unix and Linux 4 Days Ago   -   Original Discussion by Linusolaradm1
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Please: a litte help to crosscompile.

I have installed the "mipsel tuxbox" compile suite for crosscompile
Host system is x86_64 slackware
destination is mipsel32bit "vuduo+"

For example,I want to compile a program, I use this script

    make clean
    export TOOLCHAIN=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu
    export PATH="$TOOLCHAIN/bin:$PATH"
    export CC=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/bin/gcc
    export RANLIB=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/bin/ranlib

Compile works but executable is..x86_64!

If I use this line give me a lot of error about includes not found

   make CC=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/bin/gcc STRIP=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/bin/strip CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/sysroot/usr/include/linux/ -I/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/sysroot/usr/include/sys/"

What's wrong?

So I try this script and..doesn't work,executable is still x86_64

make clean
export TOOLCHAIN=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/libexec/gcc/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/4.8.1/
CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/bin/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu- make all

Of course cross_compile is present in makefile.

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Solution found

A script like this works fine

make clean
export TOOLCHAIN=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/libexec/gcc/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/4.8.1/:/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/bin
export LDCFLAGS=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/lib
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu/lib
make CC=mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu-gcc LD=mipsel-tuxbox-linux-gnu-ld

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