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Old 05-19-2018
Originally Posted by bakunin
Issue man apt-cdrom
Originally Posted by 69Rixter
sudo apt-get cdrom
E: Invalid operation cdrom

I did look at the man.
Once you stop being amused from my sarcasm you might notice the subtle difference between what i suggested and what you - by your own admission - executed. I am not sure but what you posted suggests that you might have looked at the wrong man page.

Anyhow, since you were busy making fun of my obviously lacking intellectual capacity i took the time to look up the man page myself. So, along with a big apology for not being fluent in mind reading, here is what i found, the relevant parts are marked bold by me:

# man apt-cdrom
       apt-cdrom [-rmfan] [-d=cdrom_mount_point] [-o=config_string]
                 [-c=config_file] {add | ident | {-v | --version} |
                 {-h | --help}}
       apt-cdrom is used to add a new CD-ROM to APT's list of available
       sources.  apt-cdrom takes care of determining the structure of the disc
       as well as correcting for several possible mis-burns and verifying the
       index files.
           add is used to add a new disc to the source list. It will unmount
           the CD-ROM device, prompt for a disc to be inserted and then
           proceed to scan it and copy the index files.
       -d, --cdrom
           Mount point; specify the location to mount the CD-ROM. This mount
           point must be listed in /etc/fstab and properly configured.
       -m, --no-mount
           No mounting; prevent apt-cdrom from mounting and unmounting the
           mount point.

So, since i suppose you don't want to mount/unmount the pen drive (you see, i am getting better at reading minds) you mount the pen drive at /some/where, then issue

# apt-cdrom -m -d=/some/where add

and you are done.

I hope this helps.

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rbatte1 (05-21-2018)
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