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Problem with SFTP Command line, "@" in username.

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Operating Systems Linux Problem with SFTP Command line, "@" in username.
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Problem with SFTP Command line, "@" in username.

Hi Guys Any help is appreciated very much!

I'm trying to use SFTP to an external server using the native SFTP Client in RHEL 6 and 7.

I've been given a username on the remote SFTP Server of

I can not seem to escape that @ sign no matter what I do.

I've tried these examples and several other iterations of the same thing:
sftp "myemail\"
sftp ''
sftp myemail\'
sftp myemail\

For whatever reason, I can not simply get it to connect using the credentials

Any help is appreciated very much!!
# 2  

sftp ''

# 3  
That way wont connect at all.

What do you think of that "port 22:11" I've never seen that before...

# sftp ''
Received disconnect from #IP ADDRESS# port 22:11: Application error
Authentication failed.
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

# 4  
Something is really wrong here. Most UNIX usernames are not as long as the and some UNIX systems limit the length. I do not think that was meant as a username. It is an ssh connect string.

What does

I realize that is probably a name you made up for the question.

Next question: did you personally get ssh keys for for that myemail user for

Last question: This was probably intended as a 'three-way' connection
1. ssh to (as user myemail) with you owning ssh keys
2. then sftp from to ftpsite, send files created by myemail on to ftpsite.

Was this ever explained to you this way?
# 5  
Yes, something definitely off!

ssh wont work, not even with the real data, i'd be doing an ssh to my own domain.

No I don't have ssh keys, I was given a user ID and a password from the vendor running the SFTP Site.

For the last question.. No.

They gave me a user id and password to login to their sftp server in the following format:

SFTP User Name = myemailaddress@mydomain (its my email address)
Password = Regular clear text password.

I am able to get it to work correctly using psftp from a windows command line.
C:\Windows\system32>psftp -l
Using username "".
Property of #Company# Systems. Unauthorized use prohibited.'s password:
Remote working directory is /

I can also get it to work using the filezilla windows client.
# 6  
how about....
sftp -oUser=''

or loose the single quotes......
# 7  
I tried it with both regular and double quotes.

# sftp -o User=''
Property of #Company# Systems. Unauthorized use prohibited.
Received disconnect from # SFTP Server IP ADDRESS # port 22:11: Application error
Authentication failed.
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

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