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Finding files older than x days within directory with spaces

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Operating Systems Linux Finding files older than x days within directory with spaces
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Finding files older than x days within directory with spaces


I am trying to run a command that finds all files over x amount of days, issue is one of the directories has spaces within it.

find /files/target directory/*/* -type f -mtime +60

When running the above the usual error message is thrown back

+ find '/files/target\' 'directory/*/*' -type f -mtime +60
find: ‚/files/target\\‚: No such file or directory
find: ‚directory/*/*‚: No such file or directory

I have tried backspacing out the space

/target\ directory/

and also putting into quotes

/"target directory"/

But still find issues.

Any help is much appreciated.
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The directory to search by find does not really need the /*/* at the end. It will start where you put it and search down from that point.

Try it like this, escaping the space properly and without any quoting:-
find /files/target\ directory -type f -mtime +60

An alternate might be with quoting:-
find '/files/target directory' -type f -mtime +60

I hope that this helps,

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