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Is it possible to set timeout on Linux screen session

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Hi Corona688, it's actually NOT working. Even though we're able to kill the bash (shell) but the screen session socket still exists (that's the whole point of having a session - not to lose session if there's disconnection to the server etc.). Just login into the server and running "screen -r" still restores my session and one can see what is going on the session.

So I changed your script as below and now its working fine ( basically I'm killing the screen session)
( sleep 120 && screen -S scr1 -X quit ) & # Kill screen session in 2 minutes
exec screen -S scr1 # Establish a screen session

Luckily screen offers us to name every session so you can use that name (instead of PID which is a random number) to kill/attach/detach. Now It's working as expected. Thanks for all the help!

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SSL_CTX_set_timeout(3)						      OpenSSL						    SSL_CTX_set_timeout(3)

SSL_CTX_set_timeout, SSL_CTX_get_timeout - manipulate timeout values for session caching
#include <openssl/ssl.h> long SSL_CTX_set_timeout(SSL_CTX *ctx, long t); long SSL_CTX_get_timeout(SSL_CTX *ctx);
SSL_CTX_set_timeout() sets the timeout for newly created sessions for ctx to t. The timeout value t must be given in seconds. SSL_CTX_get_timeout() returns the currently set timeout value for ctx.
Whenever a new session is created, it is assigned a maximum lifetime. This lifetime is specified by storing the creation time of the ses- sion and the timeout value valid at this time. If the actual time is later than creation time plus timeout, the session is not reused. Due to this realization, all sessions behave according to the timeout value valid at the time of the session negotiation. Changes of the timeout value do not affect already established sessions. The expiration time of a single session can be modified using the SSL_SESSION_get_time(3) family of functions. Expired sessions are removed from the internal session cache, whenever SSL_CTX_flush_sessions(3) is called, either directly by the applica- tion or automatically (see SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode(3)) The default value for session timeout is decided on a per protocol basis, see SSL_get_default_timeout(3). All currently supported proto- cols have the same default timeout value of 300 seconds.
SSL_CTX_set_timeout() returns the previously set timeout value. SSL_CTX_get_timeout() returns the currently set timeout value.
ssl(3), SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode(3), SSL_SESSION_get_time(3), SSL_CTX_flush_sessions(3), SSL_get_default_timeout(3) 0.9.7d 2002-12-01 SSL_CTX_set_timeout(3)

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