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FileChecksum Monitoring


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Old Unix and Linux 10-31-2017   -   Original Discussion by mjoshi010207
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FileChecksum Monitoring

Hello Experts,

I am looking for some script for FileChecksum monitoring , i have prepared the script but its not working as needed .

Strategy :

1) Copy ("passwd" "shadow" "/security/access.conf") to a new file location
2) Do , md5sum "/etc/passwd" "CopiedFile-Passwd"  >tmp/HPOM_Checksum.log
3) Do , md5sum -c /tmp/HPOM_Checksum.log
     if ("passwd" "shadow" "/security/access.conf") gets modified , the md5sum o/p string will be different
This can be checked from 
4) md5sum -c /tmp/HPOM_Checksum.log
sample o/p 
[root@oilvs011 tmp]# md5sum -c /tmp/HPOM_Checksum.log
/etc/passwd: FAILED
/var/opt/OV/log/hpom_passwd.md5: OK

5) If this gets modified , i again want to run the same loop.

Note : Whenever there is change in file the script has to copy the file again as in step 1

If you have any other better solution to work on this do let me know :

declare -a arr=("passwd" "shadow" "/security/access.conf")
##now loop through the above array
for i in "${arr[@]}"
    LIST_FILE=`ls -lrt "$AGENT_LOG" |grep "hpom_$i.md5" |wc -l`
if [ $LIST_FILE -eq 0 ]; then
    COPY=`cp "$CHECKSUM_PATH/$i" "$AGENT_LOG/hpom_$i.md5"`
declare -a arr=("passwd" "shadow" "/security/access.conf")
##now loop through the above array
for j in "${arr[@]}"
     CHECKSUM=`md5sum "$CHECKSUM_PATH/$j" "$AGENT_LOG/hpom_$j.md5" >/tmp/HPOM_Checksum.log`
     CHECKSUM_STATUS=`md5sum -c /tmp/HPOM_Checksum.log |grep FAILED |wc -l`
       if [ $CHECKSUM_STATUS -eq 1 ]; then
          COPY=`cp "$CHECKSUM_PATH/$j" "$AGENT_LOG/hpom_$j.md5"`
          echo `date +%b/%d/%Y-%H:%M:%S` Checksum Failed for $i >> /tmp/HPOM_Log_Checksum.log

Mahender Joshi

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FileChecksum Monitoring Please use code tags

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Old Unix and Linux 11-03-2017   -   Original Discussion by mjoshi010207
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Why not do an md5sum of all the files you are interested in to a single file? That way, just running md5sum -c checksums-file will do them all in one go. If you look at the file it creates, it will have the checksum and the examined filename in each record so you don't need to keep lots of separate single files and save you the worry of building/using an array.

For clarity, you can spread out your script if that helps, so saving the initial checksums:-

# However many files per line that makes sense to you, but nothing after the \ on each line

 /etc/passwd  /etc/shadow /security/access.conf \
 /etc/resolv.conf  /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/* \
 /etc/fstab \
 /etc/httpd/httpd.conf \
 /anything/else/you/fancy \

md5sum $files_to_check > /var/lib/md5sums/critical.md5

Later you can just md5sum -c /var/lib/md5sums/critical.md5 and you get a nice report about the files previously listed.

I hope that this helps,
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