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Operating Systems Linux Error executing a variable
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Old 03-06-2014
i'll admit i thought you were all wet but not to ignore any suggestion when asking i ran $SH_FILE and $LMSDB_FILE through sed and stripped all the quotes out. so the end result was a quote free $CMD_LINE variable and wouldn't you know it, it worked!

i never gave those quotes a second thought since they're supplied to me via some GUI as setup files for a hand run calculation. i just took from them what i thought i needed and made a CMD_LINE variable to execute. knowing up front they weren't needed i should have just took them out but i never thought they'd be an issue. remind me to never doubt you again! thanx for the help!!
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ttk::checkbutton(n)						 Tk Themed Widget					       ttk::checkbutton(n)


ttk::checkbutton - On/off widget SYNOPSIS
ttk::checkbutton pathName ?options? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
A ttk::checkbutton widget is used to show or change a setting. It has two states, selected and deselected. The state of the checkbutton may be linked to a Tcl variable. STANDARD OPTIONS
-class -compound -cursor -image -state -style -takefocus -text -textvariable -underline -width See the ttk_widget manual entry for details on the standard options. WIDGET-SPECIFIC OPTIONS [-command command] A Tcl script to execute whenever the widget is invoked. [-offvalue offValue] The value to store in the associated -variable when the widget is deselected. Defaults to 0. [-onvalue onValue] The value to store in the associated -variable when the widget is selected. Defaults to 1. [-variable variable] The name of a global variable whose value is linked to the widget. Defaults to the wid- get pathname if not specified. WIDGET COMMAND
In addition to the standard cget, configure, identify, instate, and state commands, checkbuttons support the following additional widget commands: pathname invoke Toggles between the selected and deselected states and evaluates the associated -command. If the widget is currently selected, sets the -variable to the -offvalue and deselects the widget; otherwise, sets the -variable to the -onvalue Returns the result of the -command. WIDGET STATES
The widget does not respond to user input if the disabled state is set. The widget sets the selected state whenever the linked -variable is set to the widget's -onvalue, and clears it otherwise. The widget sets the alternate state whenever the linked -variable is unset. (The alternate state may be used to indicate a "tri-state" or "indeterminate" selection.) SEE ALSO
ttk::widget(n), ttk::radiobutton(n), checkbutton(n) KEYWORDS
widget, button, toggle, check, option Tk 8.5 ttk::checkbutton(n)