How to Unite Redhat 9 Linux with Windows 2003 Active Directory authentication

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How to Unite Redhat 9 Linux with Windows 2003 Active Directory authentication

Dear All,

How to configure a Redhat 9 client to windows 2003 server. I have windows 2003 server which act has domain controller in my office. I have been asked to use redhat 9 has client. how to configure so that redhat 9 can authenticate with windows 2003 server .I have username created in windows 2003 domain sever ,so when my client redhat 9 boot up ask for username and password, i should put username and password and get authenticated with windows 2003 server.if someone can tell me how to configure this in detail will be greatful.

Thanks in advance

Alex Smilie
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sasl_server_start(3SASL)		      Simple Authentication Security Layer Library Functions			  sasl_server_start(3SASL)

sasl_server_start - create a new server authentication object SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lsasl [ library ... ] #include <sasl/sasl.h> int sasl_server_start(sasl_conn_t *conn, const char *mech, const char *clientin, unsigned *clientinlen, const char **serverout, unsigned *serveroutlen); DESCRIPTION
The sasl_server_start() interface begins the authentication with the mechanism specified by the mech parameter. sasl_server_start() fails if the mechanism is not supported. PARAMETERS
conn The SASL context for this connection. mech The mechanism name that the client requested. clientin The initial response from the client. The value of clientin is NULL if the protocol lacks support for the client-send-first or if the other end did not have an initial send. No initial client send is distinct from an initial send of a null string. The protocol must account for this difference. clientinlen The length of the initial response. serverout Created by the plugin library. The value of serverout is the initial server response to send to the client. serverout is allocated or freed by the library. It is the job of the client to send it over the network to the server. Protocol specific encoding, for example base64 encoding, must be done by the server. serveroutlen The length of the initial server challenge. RETURN VALUES
sasl_server_start() returns an integer that corresponds to a SASL error code. ERRORS
SASL_OK Authentication completed successfully. SASL_CONTINUE The call to sasl_server_start() was successful, and more steps are needed in the authentication. All other error codes indicate an error situation that must be handled, or the authentication session should be quit. See sasl_errors(3SASL) for information on SASL error codes. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWlibsasl | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Evolving | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |MT-Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
gethostname(3C), sasl_errors(3SASL), attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 1 Oct 2003 sasl_server_start(3SASL)

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